Meade DS-10

f/4.5 Deep Space Newtonian Reflector


This month I had the pleasure of buying my first "serious" telescope - the Meade DS-10, manufactured from 1985 until 1990. I purchased the instrument from Paul Jargowsky, an assistant professor of political economy at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is returning to Boston to teach for an extended leave, and felt it was better to pass the telescope onto a fellow amateur astronomer rather than store it in the terrible Texas heat for two summers. He confided, however, that it was a tough decision.

I can attest to that - it is a fine instrument!

First Light

The evening of 16 December 1996 was my first light with the DS-10. My home faces south-east, so I had a spectacular view of Orion rising over my neighbor's garish Christmas lighting. I made a feeble attempt to polar align the equatorial mount, as my driveway slopes downward, and my home obstructs a clear view of Polaris (I'm just going to have to put a "dot" on my home and align the 'scope to that). Once I began in earnest to locate the Orion Nebula, I was not disappointed.

Using a Tele Vue 32mm Plössl eyepiece (with awesome pupil relief), I was able to quickly locate the Nebula. Unlike earlier experiences sky-watching with my TASCO "junk" 114mm reflector, I could clearly make out a bluish glow to the Nebula. It was simply spectacular. Even my wife Anne was amazed at the view (I finally coaxed her out of the house into the 30 degree night to see what I had spent all this money on).

I am a happy camper!


I intend to provide all the information on the Meade DS-10 series instrument - as I acquire it - on this page. If you have a DS-10, please e-mail me and let me know what experiences you have had with it (good and bad).

The DS-10 reference manual is complete.

The Meade web site is here.

I have sold my DS-10 to a fellow amateur astronomer in Greenville, TX.

He lives on a 10 acre ranch with lots of dark sky, whereas my neighborhood has gained massive amounts of light pollution in the last year thanks to the two new shopping centers just south of my home.

I'm planning on getting a Meade ETX this Xmas so I can start focusing on photography more and take my scope with me on trips.

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